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Annotate Documents

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ScreenClip is your free screenshot capture, image editing and online feedback tool!


Online Annotation Tool


Team Screenshot Software

Take screenshots using ScreenClip. Then edit and share them with anyone! You can take screenshots of only a section, the visible part, or even the entire page, so anything can be turned into an online screenshot that you can share with everyone!


Share Your Ideas

When it's easier to show it than to explain it, the ScreenClip visual collaboration platform saves teams and their clients precious time. Give and receive visual feedback online with our collaboration toolset!


Screen Capture Edit for Screenshots

Use arrows, comments, text, notes, shapes, and blur to edit your screenshots and images online. ScreenClip has many different tools that allow you to edit any image before sharing it online!


Stay Organized

Annotate Online Documents

In our digital age, document collaboration often transpires across continents and time zones.

ScreenClip's Google Chrome extension revolutionizes this by offering an intuitive platform to annotate documents right within your browser.

Whether you're reviewing a colleague's report, proofreading an article, or making notes on a research paper, ScreenClip provides all the tools you need. Seamlessly highlight, underline, or scribble your insights, making digital annotation as natural as pen on paper.

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Receive Comments and Replies

Effective collaboration is a two-way street, and ScreenClip understands this.

Beyond just annotating, the extension allows users to leave comments and, crucially, receive replies. This dynamic feature transforms documents into interactive discussions, ensuring feedback loops are tight and productive.

Whether it's a teammate acknowledging a suggested edit, a writer clarifying a point, or a student asking a follow-up question, ScreenClip ensures that every voice is heard, and every comment is addressed.