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What users are saying?

ScreenClip is a new and improved version of Clipular. Here's what users that migrated from Clipular had to say!


Helen Williams

Wow 😍

7th March


David Colyer

Definitely helps me share my Jira Epic statuses to post on Slack, it works

19th May


Kevin Gaynor

It's not perfect, but it works as good old Clipular. Can't wait to see what updates are to come

19th July

Kurtis Whatley

It reminds me a lot to Clipular

15th April


Tina Borgen

Keep moving forward ScreenClip is doing very well.

3th June


Misty Bailey

Beautiful 😍

28th February

Answers to Your Questions

Here's a few most commonly asked questions that some new ScreeClip users had.

What is ScreenClip used for/by?

ScreenClip is mostly used by professionals with a need to share visual information and easily get feedback from collaborators, in the simplest and fastest way possible.

Architects, researchers, designers, developers, share screenshots and previews of their work, highlighting important aspects, and then get replies from people involved in their projects.

ScreenClip was created for a wide range of professionals that work on a computer to save time and effort by improving the speed of their communication flows.

What happened with Clipular?

Nothing! It was just reinvented, re-branded, re-built for improvement and new features.

We have been working on new and exciting features, like comments, web annotations and customer support. In order to reflect these improvements, we thought this new phase deserves a look refresh.

Therefore, we decided to rebrand Clipular into ScreenClip, which also looks to have more integrations with other applications in the future.

How can I view my payment receipts?

Every payment receipt is sent (by Paddle) to the email address you registered as soon as each payment is generated.

Why should I use ScreenClip?

ScreenClip works together with ScreenClip, making it easier to save clips on the cloud. This makes sharing ideas, screenshots or other visual content easy.

You can also use ScreenClip independently, as an image presentation tool by simply adding your own content from your device, annotating comments and ideas, and commenting to give or receive feedback.

What will happen with Clipular and my account/content?

Nothing really. Clipular will continue to work, but all improvements, new features and support will be provided only in ScreenClip. If you have a Clipular account you can ask for clip migration.

What is ScreenClip?

ScreenClip is a cloud service to store your images, allowing you to share them easily by copy/pasting their link to any communication or social media platform. You can annotate or comment on your images to accurately communicate your ideas.

ScreenClip was designed to help you save time on your personal/work flows by sharing information fast and easily.

ScreenClip also has a Browser Extension for Chrome, that captures any visible content on any website.

It was created to save your time, reducing back-and-forth messaging when explaining ideas or gathering feedback. You can capture the full-page, visible area, or a specific section of a page.

ScreenClip was created to work on its own, or connected to ScreenClip.

When you pair it with ScreenClip, your snaps get automatically sent to the cloud. There, all of your images can get edited, annotated, commented and organized into folders for easy access. ScreenClip is currently available as a Chrome extension for Windows, MacOS, and ChromeOS.

How can I update my billing information?

We are working on a better way to update your billing information. For now, you can:

  1. Go to the email inbox from the email address you used to create your ScreenClip account.
  2. Search for Paddle using the search field from your email list.
  3. Sort your results by date and locate the very first email. It should read something like “Subscription Created”.
  4. Inside this email, look for the link to update your billing information.

You can also create a support ticket from the account you would like to request a change. We will contact you back as soon as possible.

What is a Clip?
When image data is copied to the clipboard, it’s referred to as a clip.

It’s basically the equivalent of a screenshot or any other image, though we use this term to highlight the fact that screenshots are usually of a whole desktop, whereas screen capture clips most often contain a cropped area of a screenshot.

If we’re referring to the software itself we’ll write “ScreenClip” rather than “a ScreenClip”.
Are my Clips safe?

All content you create in ScreenClip is private by default.

No one else has access to your content unless you share it, in which case will allow any person that has the clip’s link to view the clip and the containing comments and annotations. You can set any clip (or folder) to public and private states.

Still have questions?

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