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ScreenClip is your free screenshot capture, image editing and online feedback tool!


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Take screenshots using ScreenClip. Then edit and share them with anyone! You can take screenshots of only a section, the visible part, or even the entire page, so anything can be turned into an online screenshot that you can share with everyone!


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When it's easier to show it than to explain it, the ScreenClip visual collaboration platform saves teams and their clients precious time. Give and receive visual feedback online with our collaboration toolset!


Online Annotation Tool

ScreenClip set of annotation tools allows you to annotate websites, images, design work, school assignments, and much much more! Furthermore, you can immediately share your annotation with your team, friends, students or family.


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Text Tool

Our text tool is simple and intuitive to use. When inside your clip (or taking a screen capture with ScreenClip), select text T icon and click anywhere. This will generate a text block.

Typing area will be active and you can start typing right away. After you wrote your text, you can also change text font or paragraph styling settings. You can also change color or opacity of your text. Lastly, you can change the same color settings on your text background to highlight your text.

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