Organize Images and Clips

Nobody wants to work in a mess! You can add clips to folders, add relevant names and delete unused clips.

More organizational features coming soon, but feel free to let us know if we can make your ScreenClip dashboard more organized!

Here's what you can do with ScreenClip!


Visual Online Collaboration Tools

ScreenClip is your go to screenshot, image editing and online feedback tool!


Screen Capture Edit for Screenshots


Screen Capture Online

When being used together with our chrome extension, ScreenClip allows you to take screenshots, web capture pages, and share your screen captures online. No more sending screenshots as files, share a link to your capture and collaborate inside it!


Team Screenshot Software

Take screenshots using ScreenClip. Then edit and share them with anyone! You can take screenshots of only a section, the visible part, or even the entire page, so anything can be turned into an online screenshot that you can share with everyone!


Online Annotation Tool

ScreenClip set of annotation tools allows you to annotate websites, images, design work, school assignments, and much much more! Furthermore, you can immediately share your annotation with your team, friends, students or family.


Share Your Ideas

When it's easier to show it than to explain it, the ScreenClip visual collaboration platform saves teams and their clients precious time. Give and receive visual feedback online with our collaboration toolset!

Online Foldering System for Mood boards

Stop being in a mess, keep your visual information neat and organized. ScreenClip aims to make moodboarding and visual research easier for all creatives. Being organized and arrange your screenshots or images by topics is important, yet simple feature everyone needs.

Arrange and dispose of you images, clips, screenshots, web captures or any other visual information easily.

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Structure Visual Feedback and Assets

All your clip files stay online with ScreenClip. This means you can use any type of system that allows you to be in control of your annotations, design work, communication with clients, student work or more...

Use folders and organize your annotated screenshots according to:

  • Clients
  • Classes
  • Workplaces
  • Team Members
  • Projects
  • Products
  • And much much more