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Annotate Essay

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ScreenClip is your free screenshot capture, image editing and online feedback tool!


Online Annotation Tool


Team Screenshot Software

Take screenshots using ScreenClip. Then edit and share them with anyone! You can take screenshots of only a section, the visible part, or even the entire page, so anything can be turned into an online screenshot that you can share with everyone!


Share Your Ideas

When it's easier to show it than to explain it, the ScreenClip visual collaboration platform saves teams and their clients precious time. Give and receive visual feedback online with our collaboration toolset!


Screen Capture Edit for Screenshots

Use arrows, comments, text, notes, shapes, and blur to edit your screenshots and images online. ScreenClip has many different tools that allow you to edit any image before sharing it online!


Stay Organized

Online Document Annotation and Sharing Tools

In an increasingly digital world, the ability to annotate online documents can be invaluable.

ScreenClip, tailored for Google Chrome, offers a seamless experience for marking up web-based essays, reports, and articles.

No longer do you need to rely on printing or or scanning to annotate. With ScreenClip, everything you need is just a click away, right within your browser.

Annotate Student Work Online

Teachers and educators understand the importance of timely and effective feedback.

ScreenClip caters precisely to this need, allowing educators to annotate and review student submissions directly online.

Be it a research paper, essay, or assignment, making margin notes, highlighting key areas, and giving contextual feedback has never been this efficient and eco-friendly.

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Comment on Documents

Whether it's a collaborative project or an individual article, sometimes, all you need is to make a right comment at the right place.

ScreenClip's intuitive interface lets users drop comments anywhere on a document, ensuring that thoughts, suggestions, and critiques are precisely where they need to be, aiding in clear and effective communication.

Furthermore, anyone will be able to reply to your comments online!

Leave Feedback on Text Files

In today's fast-paced digital environment, feedback loops should be efficient!

ScreenClip's extension enables professionals, peers, and educators to leave feedback directly on text files accessed via Chrome.

Whether it's a line that needs refining, a paragraph that stands out, or an error that needs addressing, ScreenClip ensures your feedback is both timely and pinpoint accurate.