Online Screenshot Collaboration

ScreenClip is your online screenshot tool that works directly in your browser. Capture, edit, share and collaborate with others!

How ScreenClip Works?

Take Screenshots

With our Chrome extension, you have all your screenshot, web capture and editing tools inside your browser. Capture anything online - be it part of a page or whole web page capture!

Edit and Annotate

After you took your screenshot, you can draw, add comments, highlight areas or even blur out sensitive information. It never was easier to edit your screenshot online!

Share and Collaborate

You can now share your screenshot as a file or send a screenshot link. If you share it as a link, others will be able to edit it further and even see source link of where the screenshot was taken!

your online screenshot database

ScreenClip allows you to organize all your screenshots into folders. This means it is as easy as ever to find old screenshots and even make new edits before you share them. Want others to edit your screenshots? You can do that as well!
Screenshot comments

Leave comments for your team

What would happen if others can edit and reply to comments inside screenshots you take?

scrolling screenshot

Capture whole web page in one go

Need more than just what you see? Grab a screenshot of whole web page to the end!

Annotate screenshots

Edit your screenshots online

All screenshot capture and editing tools you need - in one place, accessible online!

online whiteboard

Create moodboards with folders

Turn any screenshot into a whiteboard for you or your team. Communicate visually!


Visual Collaboration Made Simple!


Screenshot always was a thing you take and share, then get feedback on some platform. ScreenClip team imagined a world, where you and your team can work together inside screenshots!

Give and receive feedback directly inside your screenshot and always know the source link - where the screenshot was taken?


Screenshot Editing Tools

Edit, draw, highlight, blur, add arrows and even leave comments... All screenshot editing tools you might need in one place!

Select and Move Things Around

Everybody knows mouse cursor and what you can do with it... Ours work just like any other cursor you used, click, select, drag and move things around!

Drawing Tool

Just like any other freehand drawing pencil, ours allow you to draw shapes and turns them into vector lines. Use it to express ideas faster!


Nothing draws attention like a line in your screenshot! Change color, line thickness and transparency.


Point to things inside screenshots! Just like with any other shape, change thickness, pick your color and adjust transparency!

Arrow and text

Two best explanation tools meet to make collaboration faster! Point and explain what you meant with a text arrow block.


Best for highlighting areas. Especially handy because you can select color, fill and transparency!


Might not be the most popular shape, but it becomes powerful when explaining complex concepts.


Use circles and ellipses to point your viewers attention to anything inside your screenshot. Circle things in style!

Import Images

You can add other images into your web capture screenshot. This means you can explain concepts faster and help others understand what you mean!

Add Text to Screenshots

As simple as click and type. After you are done with your notes, move them around, change colors, select font, and even select your background!

Blur Tool for Screenshots

Need to hide areas in your screenshot? Any sensitive information can be hidden, just use blur tool to censor parts of any screenshot you take!

Comment Markers

Leave comments in your screenshots and chat with your team, clients or friends. Just leave them a comment and send them online screenshot link!
connect other tools

ScreenClip Integrations

We are working hard to make sure that ScreenClip integrates with all the tools you use and love. Here's a few, but expect more integrations coming soon!

Google Drive

Need more space? Connect your Google Drive account to store your clips there!


Old Clipular user? You can migrate your clips from Clipular to ScreenClip

What First Users are Saying?

ScreenClip is a free online screenshot capture and editing tool that is loved by many!


Helen Williams

Wow ๐Ÿ˜

7th March


David Colyer

Definitely helps me share my Jira Epic statuses to post on Slack, it works

19th May


Kevin Gaynor

It's not perfect, but it works as good old Clipular. Can't wait to see what updates are to come

19th July

Kurtis Whatley

It reminds me a lot to Clipular

15th April


Tina Borgen

Keep moving forward ScreenClip is doing very well.

3th June


Misty Bailey

Beautiful ๐Ÿ˜

28th February

Have questions?

Still not convinced? Here's answers to some of the most commonly asked questions from new ScreenClip users!

What is ScreenClip used for/by?

Anyone who needs more functionality when sharing screenshots with others...

What happened with Clipular?

We rebranded Clipular to ScreenClip. This will open the way for new features and a better experience!

How can I view my payment receipts?

You will receive email receipts after each payment...

Why should I use ScreenClip?

ScreenClip allows you to capture and share ideas with others easier!

What will happen with Clipular and my account/content?

Clipular will continue to work, but there will be no improvements, new features, or bug fixes. All that will be happening on ScreenClip and ScreenClip.

What is ScreenClip?

Cloud service that allows you to store, edit, organize and share your images or screenshots.

How can I update my billing information?

You can update your billing information by finding your Paddle email and visiting their space from there...

What is a Clip?

Clip means copied image, screenshot, or capture...

Are my Clips safe?

Yes. Clips are private unless you share them with someone.

Still have questions?

Get in touch and our team will be happy to help you!

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